It seems no Twitter account has been safe these days as Burger King, Jeep and even Anonymous have had their accounts hacked. Things are going to get way worse as it looks as though Zendesk suffered from a security vulnerability earlier today.


Most people may not have ever heard of Zendesk, but you should know a number of their clients they provide customer support services for, such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter. The security vulnerability has been patched, according to a Zendesk blog post, but unfortunately, your email address is probably in the hands of these hackers if you’ve ever sent an email to Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter’s customer support.

There is some good news in all this as Zendesk is reporting only email addresses have been stolen, so your passwords are safe and sound for the time being. Unfortunately, having your email address stolen can still pose a number of risks for phishing scams to make their way into your inbox. If you’re not one to fall for these kinds of emails, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. But if you have relatives who tend to believe a Nigerian prince wants to give them money, you may want to send them a quick text giving them a heads up on this security breach.

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