Police officers and other emergency services personnel may soon possess Robocop-like abilities, thanks to the Golden-i headset. This device is similar in appearance to the Glass project by Google. However, it has the ability to see through walls using infrared technology.

Golden-i was first shown in CES 2013 in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The hardware is developed by U.S. company Kopin Corporation while the software is created by Nottinghamshire-based firm Ikanos Consulting. Users access vital information and operate the device using voice commands and head movements, eliminating the usage of hands which can be used for other tasks.

There are three applications available on the Golden-i; Police Pro, Firefighter Pro and Paramedic Pro. Each application is able to provide live video streaming, view live video feeds from other Golden-i headsets, record incidents in real time, display floor plans and GPS coordinates.

Functions tailored to the nature of the jobs are also available. Police Pro supports facial recognition to identify suspects. It can also receive alerts from motion sensors and scan license plates instantly. Firefighter Pro can see through walls using infrared and monitor crew and surrounding while Paramedic Pro allows access to medical records.

The Golden-i hardware and software developer kit is expected to be released by summer while the the consumer version is scheduled for release later in the year.

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