Who can forget about the adorable yellow pocket monster that captured the imagination of millions of kids in the past (while causing seizures in some through the flashing of light in the Pokemon cartoons, of course)? Pikachu, the electric Pokemon, has not lost his sense of appeal to the younger generation even until today, and he has been given the “honor” of appearing on a 3D printed Nokia Lumia 820 shell.

It is nice to know that the buttons of this 3D printed handset shell comes in a shade of yellow, which is always a good thing, and of course, the most obvious choice of color for the entire shell would have been yellow instead of blue that you see above. Just what kind of mischief or ideas do you have when it comes to a 3D printer? Folks who already own a 3D printer in their homes or offices, you might want to consider cranking out those creative juices of yours and start a new trend. Who knows, you might actually be on to something here?

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