Everyone’s favorite micro-blogging social network, Twitter, is turning seven years old today as they originally launched back in 2006. The first official tweet was sent out by creator Jack Dorsey who sent out a message that could rival Neil Armstrong’s moon-landing quote by saying, “just setting up my twttr.”

Seven years later, Twitter has become quite the mainstream service as it has over 200 million users around the world with 400 million tweets being sent out on a daily basis. Regular people aren’t the only ones using Twitter on a regular basis as organizations ranging from the world of fashion, sports, politics and pop music has taken to Twitter to give everyone else a glimpse into their lives. All at the rate of 140 characters, which even though many users spoke out against the limit, Twitter stuck to their guns and kept the limit seven years later.

Twitter released a video showing how the service has progressed throughout the years, with the hashtag and retweet features going live in 2007, Japan being added in 2008 and other milestones throughout its seven years of service. The company is also giving its users the opportunity to celebrate today by tweeting out a message with the hashtag #Twitter7. So be sure to give your thanks to the Twitter folks for giving you a voice to share all of your delicious meals and updates on what you thought about the Presidential debates.

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