With a new Star Wars film expected to be released starting in 2015 and beyond, we’re sure you’re going to want to buy yourself a lightsaber, that is, if you don’t own one already. You could head down to your local toy store or turn to the Internet to buy a lightsaber that’s been mass produced, or you could be a true Jedi / Sith Lord and obtain a completely unique lightsaber.

Roland Palotai creates a number of custom lightsabers that appear to be put together from various metals, like aluminum, and come with LEDs, switches leather accents and other features that make it as an authentic lightsaber as you could imagine. The lightsabers Palotai sells at a starting price of $500 and going as high as $2500 for a limited edition Starkiller lightsaber.

We know $500 alone is probably extremely high for the everyday Star Wars fan to consider purchasing, but if you’re able to seriously consider a 7-foot tall Iron Man figure for $8,500, then spending that kind of money for a custom lightsaber is probably a piece of cake.

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