We know after yesterday’s onslaught of Nintendo-related news due to their Nintendo Direct presentation, you’re probably filled up on Nintendo stories for the rest of the month. But this is one Nintendo-related story we just couldn’t help but pass up. Nintendo announced it would be bundling a special 3DS XL with Animal Crossing: New Leaf on June 9, but Japan seems to be getting a much cooler bundle this summer.

The 3DS XL that will be receiving the bundle treatment is completely covered in various silhouettes of everyone’s second-favorite Mario brother, Luigi. The 3DS XL will be bundled with a 4GB SD card as well as a pre-installed copy of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which we know Luigi will play a rather large role in. The bundle will be made available on July 18, which is when Mario and Luigi: Dream Team will be released as well.

As usual, Japan gets all of the cool looking 3DS XLs and 3DSes while the U.S. is left with envy. This is probably why Nintendo made this new 3DS XL green, to make us….. green…. with… envy.

Get it?!

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