Only yesterday AT&T announced that it was expanding its LTE network to six new markets. Verizon has its network out in most markets, nearly 500 to be precise. Sprint is the third largest carrier in U.S. and it too is slowly but surely expanding its LTE net. It is being reported that Sprint will be adding 21 new LTE markets on the 12th of April.

If you’re based in these markets and have a Sprint LTE compatible device, you’ll have access to download speeds of up to 6-8Mbps, peaking at 25Mbps, and download speeds of up to 2-3Mbps. The entire list of these new markets can be viewed in the image posted above. It is nice to see that all major carriers in the U.S. are seriously expanding their LTE networks. T-Mobile only recently got off the line, with it’s network being available in seven markets as of now. AT&T currently covers 182 markets, it is expected to add 77 more by the end of this summer. Right now, Verizon’s network is ahead of everyone else, with the carrier expected to be done with LTE deployment in a couple of months.

[Image via PhoneArena]

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