apple-iwatch-concept-2There have been rumors of Apple creating an iWatch circulating the internet, and whether that’s just some far out theory or reality remains to be seen. In any case we’re sure many are wondering would such a device be of interest to consumers? According to research company, 451 Research, they polled 1,713 people back in March to gauge any potential interest in such a device. While the official device obviously remains a mystery, many speculate it would see integration with other iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, and could come with features common to smart watches, such as message checking, calls, sensors, music controls and obviously a link with Siri, and these are the features that the poll used to gauge potential interest.

Interestingly it does not appear that many are interested in the device, with only 5% claiming that they were very likely to get it. 14% went on to state that they were somewhat likely, 66% said they were unlikely to buy it, and with 14% saying they didn’t know. While these figures apparently don’t look very promising should Apple ever release such a device, it should be noted that similar figures were reached when gauging interest for an Apple tablet as well as for Intel-based Mac computers, suggesting that even though the interest might be low, they could see an increase if and when such a product is released. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in an iWatch?

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