Google recently announced its list of spring cleaning, the list contained names of services that the company was shutting down. This year’s spring clean took away Google Reader, which has a very loyal user base. Yahoo too is indulging in some spring cleaning, they’ll be shutting down several services by the end of this month. These include Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Deals, Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones and SMS Alerts.

Yahoo believes that by shutting down services like these they’ll be able to focus their energy on building beautiful products for their users, such as the Yahoo Weather app for iPhone and Yahoo Mail app for Android and iPad which were released earlier this week. In the first week of June 2013 the older versions of Yahoo mail will not be available. Those using old versions are advised the company to switch over to the new Yahoo mail. Starting the 30th of April none of these services will be available. A lot of hue and cry was raised when Google announced it was closing down Reader, are there any Yahoo services in this list that you wish the company wasn’t shutting ?

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