A new report from Business Insider claims that Google might be planning to open up retail stores with the sole purpose of selling Google Glass. Their source is someone who claims to be working with Google on the development of these alleged stores, the person’s duties include regularly meeting with Google co-founder Sergey Brin with regards to this project. Google has reportedly declined to comment on this, so this is purely speculation for now.

It has previously been rumored that Google was looking in to opening retail stores, but it was believed that the company would be selling a number of things at those stores, not just one product. According to the source, these new stores will be built exclusively around Google Glass. Moreover, since Glass has to be customized for the user’s head as it uses bone induction, these stores could play a pivotal part in getting people set up with their new Glass units. Given the fact that Google has no previous experience with retail stores, for now it could be possible that Glass exclusive stores are just an idea that’s bouncing around in Mountain View. However, since it has already been confirmed that Google Glass won’t be publicly released till 2014, we’ve a lot of time to wait and see if any additional information regarding this project comes in.

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