slender-venderWant to indulge in a little fizzy drinks on your own without feeling the weight of guilt bearing down on your shoulders? A can of Diet Coke ought to do the trick, and this time around, there is a brilliant marketing move by the folks over at Diet Coke who have come up with what they deem to be the “world’s thinnest vending machine”, calling it the Slender Vender in the process.

Heck, it is so slim, the Slender Vender is fully capable of fitting in between chairs at just about any hair salon, and it also sends a subtle message to those who are looking for a refreshing cola drink sans the calories whenever the weather’s freaking hot. Of course, for something to slim, it goes without saying that it would be nigh impossible to carry the same number of drinks in its storage area, so refills by the company behind the Slender Vender would have to make more frequent rounds to ensure it does not run on empty all the time.

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