Desktop-PC-and-AndroidSmartphone users are probably familiar with the app Viber. For those who aren’t, it’s an app that allows users to make calls via WiFi or mobile internet, and send messages at the same time. Now the good news (?) is that if you’ve always wanted a version of Viber for the desktop, you’re in luck as the company has announced that Viber will be expanding beyond the smartphone and will make its way onto desktops – both PC and Mac platforms.

Just like Skype, Viber for the desktop will allow users to send and receive messages, while making both voice and video calls at the same time. It will also sync your messages across the company’s mobile app which is currently available on most smartphone operating systems. If you’ve ever used Skype before, then Viber for the desktop should not be too strange of an experience, although there are a couple of nuances you will need to figure out.

One of the reasons Viber launched its desktop version is because according to Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber, he states that while we use our phones quite a lot, a lot of our time is also spent in front of a computer, whether it be at home or work, and that having Viber on your computer will save you time having to swap between your phone and computer.  If you’d like to check it out, head on over to Viber’s website for the download. [Press release]

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