waze-windowsphonestoreThe explosion of Internet connectivity across a range of mobile devices have definitely led to more and more user input in online sites as well as apps. Take TripAdvisor for example – most of us these days, before going for a holiday would check out wherever we are going to stay using TripAdvisor as word of mouth works wonders. Hence, traffic updates on your mobile device might come from the navigational company itself, but is it really that accurate? For those of you who have given crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app Waze a go before, you will be pleased to hear that Waze has finally arrived at the Windows Phone Store.

The thing is, Waze for the Windows Phone platform is right now undergoing a private beta test, so even if you happen to have the platform on your smartphone, you are unable to download it at the moment. Israeli based Waze actually kicked off on Windows Mobile, but did not follow Microsoft to Windows Phone 7. It has been quite popular on iOS and Android where 40 million users assist other Waze members to locate the best route in order to avoid traffic jams, know where all the speed traps are, as well as the cheapest gas stations.

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