Nokia is expected to unveil the new EOS smartphone at its event on July 11th. Over the past couple of months there have been a plethora of rumors about this device. Recently we saw the smartphone’s aluminium shell pictures, while in the past we’ve seen its polycarbonate shell being pictured as well. Today a picture of Nokia EOS white polycarbonate shell has been posted online, though this particular one looks to be a bit thinner than all of the other alleged shells that we have seen up till now.

It is believed that the aluminum shell touting devices are actually going to be the Nokia EOS phablets that we have been hearing about, though there’s obviously no confirmation of that. The polycarbonate shells have been seen in different colors, which isn’t surprising, since Nokia is known to offer its devices in a variety of colors. We’ve seen a video of Nokia’s EOS smartphone being leaked as well, the device is expected to be similar to Lumia 920 from the front. Its major feature is undoubtedly going to be the rumored 41 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, Xenon flash and a LED focus light. Official announcement of the Nokia EOS is expected next month.

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