New York City recently launched its Citi Bike program which brought an army of bicycles to the streets where people can simply rent a bike to get around town, to then drop them off at the nearest docking station. The program has been met with a lot of controversy, but the Citi Bike program is offering a new way for people to get around Manhattan without relying on Taxis or public transportation. As helpful as the Citi Bike program is, one thing that is still a bit tricky is knowing where exactly docking stations are located, but the Citi Bike Smart Helmet is being introduced to help with this problem.

The Carrera foldable helmet has been modified with LED strip lights embedded into the groves of the helmet, a FLORA accelerometer, compass and FLORA GPS to help guide the rider to the nearest docking station. The project was put together by Tyler and Justin Cooper, who went ahead and provided details on how to make your own Citi Bike Smart Helmet, that is, as long as you’re a regular user of the service.

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