2013-mac-proYou could more or less say that the recently announced Mac Pro 2013 comes with a design that is meant to split opinions right down the middle. Some Japanese have even come up with some wacky alternatives to the Mac Pro design, and others figure out it looks nothing more than a common trash can. Still, we are told not to judge a gadget or machine by its looks, so how do well do you think that the Mac Pro 2013 would perform in benchmark tests? Apparently, tests with early pre-production models of the Mac Pro have been spotted over at the crowd-sourced Geekbench performance tool site, where a Mac Pro 2013 that ran on a 2.7-GHz Intel Xeon E5 chipset with a dozen cores and two dozen threads managed to achieve a 10% increase in speed compared to the existing high end model. To summarize, we are looking at a Geekbench score of 23,901. As for Geekbench, it has its focus on synthetic floating point calculation performance compared to multi-core scalability, making it a generally preferred route of choice to keep track of general computing purposes as well as generating accurate physics within a game environment.

Bear in mind that there could be a thousand reasons for this seemingly meagre performance increase, ranging from issues in the pre-production hardware to software that has not been properly optimized. Still, one thing everyone ought to give Apple props for, Apple managed to squeeze out improved performance from such a small form factor.

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