We’ve seen vehicles which were powered by an airplane engine and even a rocket, but this has to be the first time we’ve ever seen one powered by an NES controller.

Yes – we’re aware the engine really isn’t an NES controller, instead, the owner of this vehicle customized the engine in his Honda Civic B series to look like an NES controller, even going as far as to include the infamous Konami Code. The customized engine made its way to Reddit recently, although it looks like the original poster wasn’t the actual owner of the engine, which makes it a bit more difficult to track down the who, what, why and where in regards to it.

Regardless of that, we certainly could appreciate a person who paints an NES controller on their engine, although we would hope the owner used a kind of paint that isn’t flammable. That could make actually using this engine for a long ride quite an interesting trip. At least the owner probably has 30 lives to spare thanks to that Konami code, eh?

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