Justin-CarterOver the past few weeks we reported on a teen who was jailed over comments he made whilst playing a video game. While the comments were meant to be taken as a joke, someone obviously thought it was better to be safe than sorry and called the authorities on him. The teen has since been jailed and because the bail has now been set at a whopping $500,000, his parents cannot afford to bail him out and since then he has been sitting in isolation after an assault on him, and recently he also placed on suicide watch out of fear he might hurt himself.


At this point in time, Justin Carter faces a possible sentence of up to 8 years in jail if found guilty, but the good news is that it seems that an anonymous good Samaritan has decided to at the very least, bail him out of jail so he can still spend time with his family and friends and at least make his life a bit more bearable while everything is sorted out. The anonymous benefactor has donated $500,000 to Carter’s family which they will use to bail Justin out. The hearing date is set for the 16th of July and like we said, if found guilty, Carter could face up to 8 years in prison.

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