iron-man-cast1It’s not uncommon for kids to get a broken bone at some point in their life as they live a dangerous life between snacks, multiplayer sessions of Call of Duty and nap time. Having your friends sign your cast is something we’ve all grown up doing, but that trend will soon be over if something like the cast we’re featuring in this story takes off.

Instead of asking your friends and current crush to show you sympathy by signing your cast, you can decide to take life by the horns and make your cast the most badass one anyone has ever seen by drawing on it so it looks like a portion of Iron Man‘s arm. Reddit user Caligineus decided the world needed to see his friend’s hard work, and as you’d expect, the submission became an instant hit on the site.

As you can see from the image, there’s some serious detail behind the drawing, which of course features Iron Man’s Pulse Laser that shoots out from the palm of his hand. It’s going to be a shame when the doctor cuts the cast off when her arm fully heals, or maybe this person can decide to live life with a cast on since this is one awesome-looking cast.

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