iPhone 4S ReviewWe have been hearing horror stories out of China in which iPhone users have been reportedly electrocuted, and in one instance resulted in the death of a young woman. We have also heard about exploding iPhones and it looks like those cases might no longer be just limited to the China region. Just recently we heard about an exploding iPad charger in the UK, and now in the US a man is filing a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that he received “severe, permanent, disfiguring and disabling injuries” that were the result of the iPhone 4. It is not clear if this is the result of the phone overheating to insane proportions, or if it was a case of an exploding device.

Either way this happened back in 2011 with the lawsuit having only recently been filed just last week. The plaintiff is seeking $75,000 in damages that exclude medical and other costs, and according to the formal complaint that was lodge by Michael Filippone, the result of his injury was “due to the negligent, careless, defective and/or hazardous design, manufacture, supply, assembly, maintenance, inspection, repair, packaging, distribution, advertising, marketing and/or sale of said iPhone 4 …” Apple has yet to issue a statement regarding this matter.

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