samsung-gear-myvouchercodesCome IFA 2013, we expect that Samsung could be announcing their Galaxy Note 3 and their smart watch whose name remains unknown, although names such as “GEAR” and “Galaxy Gear” have been filed as trademarks, suggesting that those are some of the possible names of the device. While we’re sure many are wondering what the device could look like upon its release, you might recall that last week we reported on a patent filed by Samsung which suggested that the watch could sport a flexible display, and the image above is a rendering of the device based on the description of the patent.

The rendering was created by discount website, Voucher Code Pros, and it should be noted that there’s no way of telling if this will actually be the final result although based on what we see it does not look too bad, but what do you guys think? If the final product were to look something like this, would this be a product you could see yourself purchasing?

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