It was just last week when we reported Microsoft may be planning to upgrade some of the Xbox One’s specifications prior to its official release, and it turns out that’s exactly what the company is doing as they announced recently they’ll be making some last-minute improvements to the system.

Xbox One’s chief product officer Marc Whitten was invited to Major Nelson’s podcast, where he spoke a bit about Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation console. During his chat with Larry Hryb, a.k.a Major Nelson, Whitten revealed the Xbox One has received an improvement to its GPU’s speed, improving from its previous speed of 800MHz to 853MHz.

The bump in the Xbox One’s GPU speed is said to offer a “really nice improvement” according to Whitten who relays responses he received from nearly all of Microsoft’s content partners.

We’re hoping this minor tweak to the Xbox One’s specs will offer enough of a benefit which most users will notice, and doesn’t result in the system becoming unstable. We’re sure you all remember just how big of a deal the red ring of death was when the Xbox 360 first released, and we’re hoping Microsoft doesn’t have another RRoD experience waiting in the wings.

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