google-ukEarlier today, we did bring you word that Google has unveiled a new logo, revealing a cleaner as well as flatter design so that it will be able to look more uniform across the rest of the offerings. Scouring around various Google sites, the Google UK search page has already been updated with the new logo as well as sporting a brand new apps toolbox. The update does seem to be available only to a very limited number of users, and apparently, it also seems to be accessible on Apple’s OS X operating systems, but not so on Windows or Linux platforms. However, I am running on Windows Vista (yes, you can stifle your laughter) and managed to capture the screenshot that you see above from Google UK’s search page.


What do you think of the flatter design for the new Google logo? It does somewhat resemble Microsoft’s logo which was revealed last year, and the colors do seem to share their fair share of similarity to boot. Change for change’s sake is definitely not good, but to see Google introduce this particularly subtle change can be said to be an encouraging sign. After all, My Yahoo has also just revealed a new logo themselves.

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