What do you think of skateboarders and the sport that they are involved in? For some of us, it is the unique stunts that they are able to do with a skateboard, stuff that would never have been dreamed up of before perhaps a century or two prior to today. Skateparks are special places created so that skateboarders have a safe space for them to express their creativity through the various handplants and grinds that they perform, and more often than not, such skateparks would also see bladers and cyclists congregate as well. There is this particular skatepark in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which has been specially created for the Contato Multimedia Festival, an architectural lighting company 3DM that has overlaid 3D projections onto a half-pipe there so that it will create an enchanting optical illusion along the way.


The particular method which was used to develop this clever optical illusion is known as projection mapping, and more often than not, this particular technique is normally reserved for large scale light shows that other cities such as Sydney and London have showcased in the past. At least this particular idea is a fresh one, and to see it appear in a more “underground” location certainly adds to its appeal.

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