Hacker collective Anonymous has made quite a name for itself. Yes, the group that threatened to wipe the U.S. “off the cybermap,” the very same group that hacked North Korea’s Flickr and Twitter account as part of “Operation Free Korea.” That hacker collective Anonymous. According to The Toronto Sun, a 12 year old boy in Montreal has pleaded guilty to three counts of hacking in a Canadian court. During the 2012 Quebec student protests, he helped the Anonymous group in DDOS attacks. At the time of the offences, he was 11 years old. He doesn’t seem to be politically motivated like most of the Anonymous members, apparently he traded information for video games.

The report mentions that one of the hacked websites was down for two days, causing as much as $60,000 in damages. His targets reportedly included the websites of Quebec Institute of Public Health, Montreal Police, the Chilean government among others. He reportedly accessed user information and even defaced text and appearance of the sites. The Canadian court will sentence him next month, but seeing as how he is a minor, he’ll obviously not be on his way to a full-blown prison. Also, due to the fact that he’s underage, the boy’s name has not been published and can not be disclosed.

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