magnetic-dressWhen it comes to fashion, you know for sure that strides in this department cannot be made if no one is bold enough to experiment with new ideas. This time around, here is something that even the master of magnetism, Magneto himself, would approve. As part of Dutch Design Week, artist Jólan Van der Wiel alongside designer Iris Van Herpen have worked on a couple of dresses which were specially designed more by magnetism rather than the product of their own hands.

Why do we say this? Well, Van der Wiel has chalked up quite a history when it comes to featuring magnetism in his work. To make sure that his creations will be forged in a unique manner, he came up with something he dubbed “the gravity tool,” which would seem like an old torture device. In a nutshell, it is a housing for a bunch of magnets, and whenever a composite of iron filings and molten plastic is loaded into the gravity tool, Van der Wiel will be able to manipulate the material as it hardens. Hence, you get something like the dress that you see above. Will opposites be able to attract if your date decides to wear something as outrageous as this?

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