apple-smart-magnetLike it or not, Apple has been at the forefront of innovation in recent times, and it seems that they have another interesting innovation that will involve magnets. The magnets involved will be located within the iPad, where it could see the expansion of additional smart accessories down the road for the likes of the iPad. Right now, the magnets that are located within the iPad will see action in anchoring the cover and case to it, but there might be additional improvements with the proposed “keyed magnetic structure”. This particular use of magnets will involve a specific arrangement that can be positioned on any side of the tablet. This enables them to be deployed in addition to traditional magnets and electromagnets which will then receive input from the operating system.

Among the possibilities of such patented technology would be to hook up an iPad to its accessories, in addition to different devices as well as other iPads with unprecedented ease. Apple has also illustrated such a situation with a drawing of two tablets that are attached via a magnetic connector, where this particular set up might make playing games such as Battleship an even more exciting and hectic experience. Are you stoked to see what Apple can do with magnets in the future?

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