HTC is still trying to wage battle against the behemoths that have overshadowed it in the mobile market and despite launching products like the HTC One, the task hasn’t proved to be easy at all. The company has seen its revenues and profits drop substantially in the past quarters, and for the first time in its history, HTC posted a quarterly loss which amounts to $101 million. Analysts watch closely as they make predictions on the possibility of HTC avoiding yet another operating loss next quarter, but according to the company’s chairwoman Cher Wang, marketing and not its precarious financial situation is the “biggest challenge” that HTC faces in Q4, 2013.


Wang made the statement during an interview with Bloomberg. Her statement that HTC’s “biggest challenge in these [next] two months,” was quoted out of context, leading many to believe that she was talking about the company’s financial troubles. HTC issued a clarification saying that she was referring to the “challenge of innovating marketing in Q4 of 2013.” She acknowledges that the company also needs to work on direct communications with consumers and assures that HTC is improving on that. HTC’s recent marketing push has been well documented, seeing as how it hired leading Hollywood man Robert Downey Jr., Wang justifies his hiring by saying that he is liked by the people as they “see him as a change maker.” Obviously it can’t be said for sure just how much of a change will Iron Man’s appearance in HTC ads make for the company’s fortunes, but it will interesting to see how HTC improves its marketing and consumer communications in this quarter.

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