Earlier this morning, we brought you the possibility of Nokia introducing a smartwatch to the masses in the future, thanks to a patent application which was published by the Patent and Trademark Office, where it described a modular timepiece so that the end user is able to customize it in a variety of ways. Well, before the day is over, how about some bit of interesting news concerning the alleged Nokia smartwatch? This particular update hails from a certain Kent Lyons, who is also one of the minds behind this device. He mentioned that this particular concept has been given the codename “Facet” for obvious reasons, where there is also a video of the prototype in action as you can see above.

It reminds me of one episode in the G-Force cartoon back when I was a kid, and the team of heroes had to battle a particular behemoth from the sea that had four different facets to its head, with the head being able to rotate 360 degrees, each “face” featuring a different energy beam that is shot out from its eyes. What do you think of Nokia’s attempt in making a smartwatch? Will they be able to duke it out with the seemingly almighty Android?

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