nokia-guruApparently, a Twitter account – @evleaks in particular, recently unveiled the alleged code name of what could very well be a future Nokia handset, with the name being a rather wise sounding Nokia Guru. I sure as heck hope that one does not need to climb mountains as well as sleep on a bed of nails in order to qualify for the purchase of the Nokia Guru! Unfortunately, that is about all we know of the Nokia Guru, other than the fact that the Twitter account also mentioned that NFC plus iPod Shuffle equal to Nokia Guru.

Now, how are we to interpret such data? Based on the analysis, it seems that there is a very good chance that the Nokia Guru could very well end up as a portable music player that will feature NFC capability. Who knows, the NFC feature could very well be the bridge that will pave the way for the transfer of songs. Alternatively, the Nokia Guru might be another Windows Phone 8-powered smartphone which will place a strong emphasis on music – just like how Nokia did all those years ago with the introduction of the Nokia Xpress Music. Well, as with the case of all other rumors and speculation, only time will be able to tell whether it is going to pan out true or not.

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