Back when Google Chromecast was first announced, the company mentioned their little streaming media device would be able to stream music from services like Pandora in the future. It looks like we’re now living in the future as an update to Pandora will now make it play nice with Google Chromecast.

Before you rush over to your phone to update Pandora, you should know today’s update is only available for Android devices. Pandora version 5 will now feature the well-known Chromecast icon that allows the service to magically stream itself onto whatever the streaming media device is plugged into.

Chromecast support isn’t the only thing included into today’s update as Pandora looks like it’ll play nicely with tablets as its UI seems to work well on a number of tablets, including the Nexus 7 (2013).

There aren’t many third-party applications that can stream their content on the Google Chromecast as big names like Netflix and Hulu and updated their services and respective applications to support the streaming media player. Having Pandora also support the Chromecast is certainly a step in the right direction as we can certainly see a world where we can magically zap content from our mobile devices and laptops to our television sets with ease.

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