kinect_sensor_bracket.0_cinema_720.0The Microsoft Xbox One will come bundled with a Kinect sensor. Previously Microsoft had stated that the Kinect needed to be on all the time to get the Xbox One to function, but has since backtracked on that. However we’re sure that there are still some users out there who might be a little paranoid about the Kinect’s microphone and camera, and that technically Microsoft could use those tools to “spy” on them and track their movements, at least within the home. Well the good news is that peripheral manufacturer, PDP, has announced an accessory for the Kinect which not only lets you mount the sensor on a television, but does it in such a way that it blocks the device’s camera at the same time.


According to the product’s description on Amazon, the mount will be able to block both RGB and IR cameras and will play nicely with just about any flatscreen television. This should help assuage the fears of those who are worried the Kinect will be used by Microsoft to help deliver targeted ads, although Microsoft has denied that such a thing will not be happening. In any case PDP’s accessory is set for a release on the 4th of December, not too long after the Xbox One has been released, and for those interested in getting their hands on it, you can expect to pay a rather affordable $19.99 for it.

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