We’ve heard a number of consumer electronics companies have reportedly started to create their own version of Google Glass, with Microsoft being the latest company to allegedly throw their hat into the smart eyeglasses ring. According to The Wall Street Journal, another giant tech company seems to also be developing their own smart glasses, and it’s a company we’re sure you’ve heard of: Samsung.

A patent that was submitted by Samsung registered a design for eyeglasses that is able to show information from a smartphone to enable users to take calls, similar to how their Galaxy Gear functions. The glasses will have transparent and translucent lenses as well as include earphones that will allow the wearer to listen to music or take calls. The patent was submitted for protection back in March, and was registered on October 2 under the name “sports spectacles.”

Considering the mixed reviews Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has been receiving from all over the tech world, hopefully Samsung could offer a better smart glasses experience than they did with their first smart watch. Understandably, this is all completely new territory for all tech companies, so we completely understand the first wave of smart glasses and smart watches may not be as fine tuned as they probably will be in the next couple of years.

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