Sure – the PlayStation 4 is just a few days away from being released, but Microsoft will apparently have a much more elaborate launch as a total of 10,000 retail locations across 13 countries will be open at midnight on November 22 to sell as many Xbox Ones as they could handle. A number of those launch locations located in major cities will be streamed on both Xbox Live and Spike TV, with New York City getting all of the launch goodies as Microsoft plans to have street entertainment and free tickets to music performances to usher in the launch of their Xbox One.

One of the more interesting launch events will be taking place in New Zealand, where the first Xbox One is expected to be sold. You see – Microsoft decided to guard the first Xbox One by sand tiger sharks as it’s currently submerged in an aquarium, where it will be removed and presented to the first customer on line during the midnight launch event.

Having sharks “guard” an Xbox One is a little extreme, although it could be worse. Microsoft could probably have hired Covenant to guard the Xbox One, and that could have been quite disastrous since, you know, they want to kill us and all.

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