talosImagine an army full of Iron Mans – now that would definitely strike fear into the heart of enemies, but I suppose this would only happen in the world of science fiction. After all, just one Iron Man suit alone is able to save an entire city at times, apparently, based on the comics that we have read in the past. The US Army too, wants an Iron Man of their own, just like in the Iron Man movie, except that there is no real life equivalent of Tony Stark. Still, the TALOS suit that was first talked about earlier this year might actually arrive in time for field tests in a matter of four years.

Four years is an extremely short amount of time when you think of the technology which will be crammed right into the TALOS suit. It was originally thought that soldiers on the ground might actually have to wait all the way until 2032 before they are able to “suit up” as it were, so a 2017 timeline is certainly more than welcome (and also looked forward to by the ordinary man on the street, I would suppose). The TALOS suit is touted to be able to increase one’s strength and mobility exponentially, while offering a degree of protection from enemy fire at the same time.

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