An elusive and magical white Xbox One was auctioned off recently, selling for a total of $11,300. Unless you were the lucky recipient of the Xbox One, then you probably have yet to see the exclusive console in person. Fortunately for you, the white “I MADE THIS” Xbox One was recently unboxed, allowing us to get a closer look at the console without actually having it in our hands.


As you can see from the unboxing of the white Xbox One, the general look of both the Xbox One and new Xbox One controller have been unchanged, except for the fact they’re both covered in a really sweet looking white color. The closeup of the Xbox One controller really shows how much detail went into producing the white controller, especially since the words “I MADE THIS Launch Team 2013” are prominently displayed on the top of the controller.

We’re sure the owner of this white Xbox One will not only be the life of the party for having such a cool-looking console, but when you consider they were responsible for creating Microsoft’s upcoming console, then you know he’s going to be a hit with all of the ladies wherever he goes.


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