Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been around for quite a few months now. You might have read many reviews and seen many tests of the smartwatch up till now, but what you’re about to see is something totally different. Known for his habit of fire shots at gadgets, technology assassin Richard Ryan is back and this time his target is the Galaxy Gear. His weapon of choice is the HK 417 rifle, just one shot is enough to take out the smartwatch.

At first, Ryan puts the Galaxy Gear through its paces. He drops it in water, on concrete and and in the dirt. The smartwatch is able to survive all of those tests, which isn’t a surprise, the smartwatch does feel quite sturdy and seems to be quite durable. If you have watched Ryan’s videos in the past, you’ll know that no device makes it out alive. Once he’s done with the tests, Ryan brings out the rifle and fires a single shot at the Galaxy Gear. The slow motion video is interesting to watch as we get to see just how much damage a single shot can do to the smartwatch. Who knows what device he will have in his crosshairs next, Ryan blew up an Xbox One prior to the Galaxy Gear.

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