carterSeveral months ago back in July, a League of Legends player found himself in a hot legal mess after he made a somewhat inappropriate joke about shooting up a school. While some found the comment made to be obviously sarcastic and made in jest, there were some who just weren’t going to sit by and take a chance and report the teen to the authorities. Justin Carter faced jail of up to 8 years and if you’re wondering what’s going on now, well it looks like Carter’s luck has not improved.


According to the latest reports, the motion to quash the case has since been denied, with the comment being flagged as a terrorist threat. This is definitely not good news for Carter, although the silver lining is that at the very least Carter made bail, thanks to an anonymous benefactor that donated $500,000 which was the amount required to get Carter out on bail. While this is definitely a setback, Carter’s legal representatives have stated that even if the case would not be dismissed, there are other avenues that they can explore to appeal it.

As we mentioned earlier, if it fails, Carter could face the next 8 years in prison, over a comment which made or may not have been made in jest. We have seen this happen many times in the past where a single comment, perhaps made innocently, blown out of proportion by social media. If anything this goes to show that whether we are joking or not, we definitely need to be careful of what we say on the internet.

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