lungcancerWhen it comes to cancer, especially lung cancer, early detection i always the best way to improve one’s survival rates for sure. Over the years, medical technology has advanced more and more in order to offer a better method of detecting this potentially fatal disease in its early stages so that the right kind of treatment can be administered. One of such technologies happen to be the lung cancer breathalyzer, and a research team from the University of Huddersfield in the UK intend to send out their creation in pharmacies.

This particular project has taken three years to work on, and it involves researching a lung cancer “biomarker signature” which can be detected in one’s breath itself. Studies in the past point to carbon-based sensors which have been embedded with gold nanoparticles to be able to indicate the disease in the lungs, not to mention dogs with their acute sense of smell, too, can also detect chemicals in one’s breath that points towards the presence of the disease. Having secured £105,000 in funding from the SG Court Pharmacy Group, folks should soon be able to find such trial breathalyzers dot the chain of pharmacies in the South East of England. After all, with most folks being a whole lot more comfortable at a pharmacy than at the doctor’s room, it might just boost the chances of an early detection.

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