alcohootDriving while one is under the influence is never a good thing, as you could end up as a liability to those around – and even worse, end up with blood on your hands in a potential worst case scenario. Having said that, it would be prudent to make sure you either cab it back after spending a crazy night out with your mates, or to have a designated driver bring you home. Don’t be so gung ho to boast that you are fine when you are not, and with tools like the Alcohoot smartphone-powered breathalyzer around, it will definitely do its bit to help you keep track of your BAC (blood alcohol content) so that you can make a more informed and of course, safer decision afterwards.

The Alcohoot will retail for $119 a pop, where it is said to feature “police-grade accuracy” as it plugs itself into your device’s headset hack. It will arrive accompanied by Android and iOS apps to help you get started right out of the box. Well, the best is always not to take a drink at all and settle for fruit juices, but hey, some might say that where’s the fun in that, right? This might come in handy this holiday season for sure. [Product Page]

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