breathometerWe have checked out our fair share of breathalyzers in the past (not because we take a tipple or two at the office during those afternoon siestas, but it the name of hunting down the best and quirky gadgets), where among them include those that are already equipped on a watch. Here is a breathalyzer that is small enough to be hooked up to your smartphone, which is why the Breathometer claims to be the “World’s Smallest Smartphone Breathalyzer”.

The Breathometer is tipped to ship to interested parties this coming October, where the first units will be used to fulfill orders for supporters of Breathometer’s Indiegogo campaign that kicked off earlier this year. Any other additional production units will be sent to new customers and channel partners. The Breathometer comes in a diminutive form factor, being tiny enough to fit on a keychain, where it will be plugged into your smartphone’s audio jack. When used in tandem with a mobile app, it will be changed into a sleek, portable and accurate breathalyzer that is capable of measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Those who are interested can pick up the Breathometer for $49.99 on pre-order, and it will play nice with iOS and Android devices.

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