French company Olythe is unveiling OCIGO at CES 2020, its award-winning connected breathalyzer, the recipient of a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the Health and Wellness category. Built around a patented infrared technology previously only available to police department breathalyzers, the new Olythe device offers 4-digit high accuracy and is now available to consumers in the U.S. at an indicative price of $299.00 on

Suitable both for personal and business use, OCIGO takes only a few seconds’ breath to show the level of alcohol in the exhaled air, and predicts the time at which the user can legally drive again. The companion application also displays how long it will take before the user’s blood alcohol content will return to zero.

Thanks to its geolocation capability, OGICO automatically adapts its software to the local legislation in different countries and states. Olythe offers a business solution as well, a platform tailored to automobile fleet with features such as automated reporting, facial recognition, random and on-demand tests.

Compliant with the European EN 16280 standard for breath alcohol test devices, OCIGO is now able to deliver a 4-digit display compliant with all international alcohol measurement units, while remaining affordable and accessible to everyone. OCIGO can be used as a standalone device with its OLED display or can be connected to a smartphone over Bluetooth. The connected breathalyzer features a battery that allows for 75 measurements in succession on a single charge.

Features highlights

    • 4-digit accuracy & international units
    • OLED display
    • Bluetooth connectivity to work with Android or iOS smartphones
    • Geolocation-driven automatic adjustment to match local legal alcohol levels
    • Detection of false positives by distinguishing between residual alcohol in the mouth and in the blood.
    • Prediction of the time taken for the level to return to zero
    • Option to send a report with a photo attachment
    • Vehicle fleet management & facial recognition modes

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