floomeIt is a golden rule that ought to be abided by just about everyone who loves a good night out partying with friends – have a designated driver, or at least a cab driver whom you can trust to bring you home safe and sound. Getting behind the wheel after you have had too much to drink is definitely a no-no, and sometimes, you being a friend to others might want to prevent them from driving under the influence. How do you reason with such folks who think that they’re OK? Statistics might knock some sense into them, which is why the Floome breathalyzer could come in handy if realized, where it touts to offer professional-grade accuracy without requiring any battery power to run.

The Floome is the first smartphone app/accessory of its kind to deliver precise Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels that are equal to those measured by bulky, costly professional equipment that we see the authorities use. Hailing from the folks over at 2045Tech, the Floome is highly portable, fits into just about any pocket or purse, and can hook up to any iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone via the standard headphone jack. All it takes for an accurate reading is one blows into the mouthpiece with a short puff, and the app will get the rest of the job done. It is right now trying to raise $135,000 in funding over at IndieGoGo.

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