Foursquare might be one of the most widely used services around the world that people use to find great places to dine at, but it has never been a service that has allowed users to place orders for delivery, until today.


Foursquare has just announced that GrubHub Seamless has now been integrated, therefore users can now find over 20,000 restaurants in hundreds of cities across the country, and they can also place orders for delivery from local restaurants without actually ever having to leave the app.

This integration is crucial for Foursquare as it looks to grow from a service that people merely use to check-in to a place they’re visiting, be it a restaurant or a monument, and just leave it at that. Over the past few months the company has also been building up its discovery and recommendation offerings.

Taking the next step forward, it now lets users place orders from within the app, provided when users are browsing local establishments, they come across one with either the GrubHub or Seamless icon, all that’s left to be done then is to just tap on “order delivery.” Starting today the feature goes live on, Android and iOS, no word if and when the Windows Phone 8 app will receive it.

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