We have heard our fair share about Google Glass, which is a piece of wearable technology that has yet to make its way to the mainstream market, although it has had developers wearing it for testing purposes already. Google Glass has also courted its fair share of controversy before, with a lady being summoned to court for wearing a pair of these puppies while she was driving (before the lawsuit was struck out, of course, by a sensible judge), not to mention Federal agents asking a cinema goer to remove the pair of Google Glass before watching the movie. Well, firefighter Patrick Jackson is also an avid programmer, where he has come up with an app that might just help him and his colleagues during the course of their work.

Right now, Jackson’s app is able to push emergency calls to Google Glass, while directing responders to its location as well as nearby hydrants with the assistance of Google Maps. Apart from that, he intends to push the app to scale even higher heights by allowing it to pull up floor plans as well as other relevant information concerning the buildings themselves prior to entry, in addition to vehicle

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