iphone_6_midframeFor the most part, Apple’s lineup of iPhones has typically been assembled by Foxconn, but according to a new report from Taiwan’s Liberty Times, half of Apple’s assembly of the device will be given to Pegatron to do. The report did not state who the other half will be, but chances are that it will be Foxconn. As it stands, Pegatron is responsible for devices like the iPad mini and the iPhone 5c while Foxconn is responsible for devices like the iPhone 5s. Foxconn has typically been Apple’s main go-to guy when it comes to assembly of their products, but recently in a bid to reduce reliance on a single company as well as to reduce supply-chain risk, Apple has turned to other companies to help them with their products.

In fact Apple’s reliance on Pegatron is only expected to grow with reports that Pegatron will be opening up a new plant in China to help keep up with demand. It’s odd that the report only mentions one device, the iPhone 6, because if the previous rumors have any credibility to them, Apple is said to launch two phones: one of the 4.7-inch variety, and one of the 5.7-inch variety. Our report on an earlier rumor also suggested that instead of going the 16MP camera route which most companies are expected to take in 2014, Apple will instead retain its 8MP camera but will introduce improved camera functions, such as optical image stabilization. That’s not such a bad thing as we have said before since higher megapixels do not necessarily translate into better photos.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but here’s hoping we will find out more in the coming weeks/months.

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