SochipinartI am quite sure that when many of us were growing up, we did come across a frame that is full of sliding steel pins that could create a 3D image of whatever solid you placed behind it – such as your hand, or the perennial favorite, a face. Well, how about bringing that idea to the modern day building? This is exactly what British architect Asif Khan set out to do, where he came up with a super sized version of that idea that will be able to show off your face in a 28-foot high dimension on the side of a building.

Specially developed and constructed by a Swiss design company known as iart for a Russian telecom company’s display at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, the screen will make use of a whopping 10,000 pins to get the job done. These pins are able to be extended up to half a dozen feet from the side of a building (without spearing any birds in the process, I hope). Visitors who wish to see their 3D face on the building for 20 seconds can drop by at the on-site booth to scan their mugs, where they will then be assigned the exact time where there face will appear on the building, not to mention an online clip of their 20 seconds of fame.

iart claims that this would translate to being able to display approximately 170,000 faces during the Olympics, which ought to be enough to handle majority of the attendees there. [Press Release]

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