twitter-emergencyThe point of Twitter, we guess, is to share your thoughts with the world, and see what else other people are thinking or get up to. This means that in order to successfully reach a wide audience, you need to build up a following, as well as be able to tweet about the sort of things that people might care about. Either that or be a celebrity in which people will follow you anyway regardless of what you say. Well it seems that Twitter is experimenting with a way to “reward” its power users who have successfully managed to put out a tweet with major reach in the form of something called @AchievementBird.

Basically @AchievementBird is Twitter’s answer to achievements which are featured predominantly in games, whereby completing an aspect of the game in a certain way will yield you the achievement, which sometimes comes with a reward as well. So far it does not look like Twitter will be giving out rewards, other than the satisfaction of landing an achievement. Like we said this is an experiment conducted by Twitter right now so there’s no telling if Twitter plans on keeping this particular feature around, or if it will eventually be let go and fade into obscurity.

In the meantime what do Twitter users out there think of this move? Do you believe this will get more people to hop on board Twitter’s bandwagon and to tweet more relevant things in the future, or do you feel that perhaps it’s a bit too novel to take seriously?

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