Google Glass hasn’t been released to the public as yet, though it is expected to some time later this year. For over a year now this wearable gadget has been in what’s called an “Explorer Program,” whereby select individuals are invited to purchase a unit for $1,500. There have already been some run ins with the law, a woman in California was ticketed for using Glass while driving, she fought the ticket claiming that it wasn’t actually being used and that she was merely wearing it, the argument held up in court. As many as eight states in the U.S. are considering legislation that would ban drivers from having Google Glass on when they’re on the road. Reuters reports that Google is lobbying officials in at least three states to stop similar legislation from going through.

The groups calling for such legislation holds the view that Glass would distract users, and that they could potentially be as dangerous as people texting while driving. The report claims Google is lobbying officials in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri to try and get them on the same page with regards to use of Google Glass on the road. Reuters contacted legislators who backed similar bills in New York, Maryland and West Virginia but they said that they haven’t been contacted by the internet search giant as yet. When Google Glass is ultimately released to the public, this is definitely going to be one of the most controversial issues. Some states might lean towards Google in the end, but its unlikely that some still won’t push through with their agenda of banning Glass for drivers.

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