Apple is yet to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, if rumors are true, then we might see the company launch its very own smartwatch later this year. While that’s not confirmed as yet, an analyst at a major investment bank believes that iWatch sales during the first year alone can bring in as much as $17.5 billion for Apple, making it one of the company’s most profitable products.

The prediction comes from Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, who believes that the iWatch can even best the iPad’s debut, which brought in $12 billion during the first year. She bases the prediction on the assumption that iWatch will be more of a natural accessory for millions of existing iOS users, which would essentially use it as an extension of their mobile device. This would make the smartwatch an enticing purchase for existing as well as first time buyers of Apple’s mobile devices. Huberty believes that the iWatch sales will bring in $17.5 billion only if the average selling price sits at $299 and there are no supply chain constraints. Even if there are, Huberty expects revenues to sit between $10 – $14 billion, an impressive figure nonetheless. Analyst predictions aside, the fact remains that Apple hasn’t confirmed its wearable device plans as yet, so it can’t really be said for sure right now if in 2014 the iWatch will finally be released or not.

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